Sports in Bulandshahr

Locals of Bulandshahr are engaged in a number of sports. Traditionally, kabbadi, kho kho, wrestling, kite flying and cock fighting are very popular in Bulandshahr. However, sports like cricket, badminton, football, hockey, and tennis are equally popular. The city has different sports clubs and stadium that promote different sporting talents and athletes.

Sports Stadiums in Bulandshahr

Cricket in Bulandshahr

Cricket is extremely popular in Bulandshahr. Different cricket academies find and train the best cricketing talents in Bulandshahr. Indians are avid cricket followers. Loyalty for the game has resulted in the budding of several cricket clubs all over Bulandshahr. There are many local cricket clubs in Bulandshahr. Some clubs even provide scholarships to the students. Cricket trainees develop immense physical strength, stamina, and muscular strength. Besides that cricketers develop self confidence, passion, discipline, pride, self respect and sense of belonging. By virtue of their training cricketers become devoted player of the game. Cricket clubs are a platform for the cricketers to play different matches in teams under different weather conditions. Several matches are organized by the cricket clubs and provide opportunities to the cricketers to play in the national team.

Stadiums in Bulandshahr cater to sports supporters and athletes. Yamuna Puram stadium in Bulandshahr is suitable for multiple sports event. There is also a great craze for playing badminton in Bulandshahr. Additionally, there is a sports stadium in a town school in Jahangirabad, Bulandshahr.

Yamuna Puram Stadium in Bulandshahr Address: Yamunapuram Akbapur, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh-203001

There are as such no football clubs and race courses in Bulandshahr. However, there are some race course in Delhi and easily accessible from Bulandshahr.
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