Healthcare Facilities in Bulandshahr

Urbanization of the city over the last few years has been remarkable and it has seen an increase in the influx of tourists, new businesses, IT, shopping malls and multiplexes. Due to rapid modernization the people although suffering from pollution and population growth, receive good healthcare. The healthcare system of the city is well managed by the Bulandshahr Municipal Corporation. It is the responsibility of the Munical Corporation to prevent the breakout of any major life threatening disease. There are various clinics including allopathy and homeopathy treatment available to effectively address the medical needs of different patients. Additionally, there are a number of public and private hospitals and charitable healthcare institutions that are responsible for creating awareness regarding different health programmes among the general public.

Healthcare in Bulandshahr

There is a frequent break out of water-borne diseases in Bulandshahr. Healthcare administrators take different measures to check the spread of water borne disease through the supply of hygienic drinking water.

Several camps have been organized by the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs to eradicate polio in the city of Bulandshahr. All the camps organized have been very successful so far. Hundreds of children have turned up in the camp to receive polio drops. Additionally, camps are organized to increase awareness about AIDS and cancer among the locals. People are made aware of the preventive measures to be taken against such diseases.

Some of the best hospitals include Narinder Hospital, BBD District Hospital, Global Hospital, Mittal Hospital, Brain & Spine Clinic & Hospital, Laakshmi Life Line Hospitals, Rajwantijyoti Multispeciality Hospital & Heart Institute, Mohan Hospital & Heart Centre, Upadhyaya Hospitals, Gupta Heart Center, Aditi Rajora Hospital, Rana Hospital, Shakuntala Aspata, Sharda Hospital, Parihar Hospital, Chandra Hospital, Yashu Hospital and Harish Hospital. Most of the hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. The hospitals have excellent resources to deal with critical diseases including those related to cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, pathology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, and urology. There are also some nursing homes and clinics such as Kelawati Nursing Home, Holy Care Nursing Home, Dev Medical Center and Chaudhary Nursing Home and Clinic.

Additionally, there are few diagnostic centres like Meenashi CT & MRI Diagnostic Center, Neuro & Ortho Physiotherapy Centre, Pratham Health Care Centre, etc. These advanced diagnostic centres provide services like CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, and mammography. Different charitable organization and hospitals make arrangements for medical camps and kiosks with paramedical teams on call 24 hours to effectively deal with medical emergencies especially during annual festivals.

Homeopathy treatments are immensely popular in Bulandshahr. The practice of homeopathy is very ancient; so many people prefer homeopathy treatment over allopathy. Some popular homeopathy centres in Bulandshahr include Samta Ayurvedic Centre, National Homeopathic Center, National Homoyopathic Chikit Salya, Koshiq Homeopathic Center, Deepak Homeopathic Clinic, Krishna Homeopathic Clinic, Laxmi Homeopathic Store & Clinic, Kumar Homoeo Clinic, Dr Garg Vital Homeopathic Clinic and may more.

People living in Bulandshahr have become increasing conscious of their health and fitness and number of yoga centers like Sree Vijay Shaily YOG Samiti and fitness centres like Fitness Point Gym, Golden Gym etc. has become operational. These wellness and fitness centers provide high quality health and fitness training to the clinets and are very popular among the locals.

Healthcare Tips for Bulandshahr Travellers

While travelling in Bulandshar, it is advised that travelers carry requisite medications such as medicines for diahorehha, nausea and fever. Take care to drink only proper packaged mineral water and completely avoid drinking tap water. As such tourists in Bulandshahr are highly susceptible to water borne diseases. For your own safety it is recommended to have food from popular restaurants and dhaba, also book hotels and guest houses that are not only affordable but are also very hygienic.
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