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Jail in Bulandshahr

The Bulandshahr jail is located on National Highway 91, Chanderu in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the most significant jail in Bulandshahr district of the Meerut Division. The jail is managed by the Uttar Pradesh Police. Bulandshahr jail is easily accessible from the city by rented or private car, buses and auto rickshaw. The distance between Bulandshahr city and the jail is 7 km. The district jail of Bulandshahr was built in the post-Independence era and can house few hundred prisoners at a time.


Historical Reference of Bulandshahr District Jail

In 1939, an open fire was staged on the Khaksars in the Bulandshahr district jail. The Khaksars were revolting against the British rule in India and they wanted the revival of Islam, however, they were tolerant of different faiths. Many Khaksars were carrying out their revolutionary activities in the Bulandshahr district. A number of Khaksars were arrested 18 km from the city of Bulandshahr and taken to the Bulandshahr district jail. The U.P. Police opened fired as the Khaksars entered the premises of the jail killing five of them and seriously injuring twenty.

Delhi authorities had sanctioned the search of Khaksars in cars. Police officials were deployed at the Delhi-UP border. Because a large number of Khaksars had already made their way into Bulandshahr, UP Police force and the military were deployed to cease additional infiltration of Khaksars from the neighboring cities. Additionally, the police were authorized to curb any revolutionary activities of the Khaksars.

Although the UP government had banned the Khaksars, the Muslim league headed by Jinnah supported the Khaksars. Commissioner of Meerut division had set up an inquiry about the Bulandshahr killings. Chief Justice of the Allahabad High court was in charge of the inquiry. The then governor of UP (Graham Haig) sent a secret official inquiry report to Linlithgow. Report stated that despite the Khaksars surrendering the UP police had open fired at them.

Bulandshahr jail has a high security with a number of UP Police on watch 24x7. Many dangerous criminals are onfined in the jail. Bulandshahr district jail serves as major reformation centre in the country. The jail authorities have been able to bring about a lot of change for the inmates. They practice to become better law abiding citizens, they learn to respect others and live peacefully with other inmates. Sh GS Pryadarshi, District Magistrate, inaugurated a training programe of zari embroidery. Stitching and embroidery machines are donated by the Rotaract Club. Five such training programes were carried out successively in a span of two years. It was organized with the intention of empowering prisoners especially females and help them reintegrate into society.

Jail inmates participate in various annual festivals including Dussehra and Rakshha Bandhan. Indian Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti Samaroh are also celebrated at Bulandshahr district jail. There are schools in Bulandshahr jail for dependent children to help them pursue education. There are also games and recreational facilities for children. Additionally, free medical camps are organized by ITS Dental college and more than one hundred prisoners are treated free of cost. Maintaining proper health of the prisoners is a major concern of Bulandshahr jail. An inmate had survived to 107 years in Bulandshahr jail and most recently a 90 year old prisoner was released from the Bulandshahr jail.

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  • G
    Gulshan Sharma from Delhi 56 Days ago

    I want to know the name of SuperitenSuper and all the jailor and conatact of jail Chanderu.. Thanks

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  • K
    Krishan Dharnia from Bhuna ( Fathabad) Haryana 56 Days ago

    जेलर साहब से फोन पर बात करना चाहता हूं

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  • A
    Arjun Singh from Bulandshahr 155 Days ago

    Respected Sir,One short term bail of one prisoner for 03 days has been granted by the honorable high court Allahabad with following guide lines : During all this period two police constables shall accompany the applicant/appellant. The expenses for the purposes shall be borne by the applicant/appellant himself and the money to be quantified by the Superintendent of concerned Jail shall be deposited in advance with the concerned authority.In view of the above, it is requested please clarify the amount and where & when will be deposit Thanking you

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  • S
    Sanjay Kumar from Buland shahar 267 Days ago

    Dear Sir,My brother in law in jail last 15 days.i will be want to meet him.pleas tell me proceger & how to deposit sum amount in jail canteen. I m living out of station for private service .Please help & gaide me.its my 1st visit in any jail.

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